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Repeater Status & Linking Project

Digital Services: The Club Internet source had unfortunately recently been lost again. A different system is being trialled. The Echo-IRLP and D-Star digital services may not be operating at present. The status of all systems and repeaters can be monitored here on this news page. For IRLP check also Echo-IRLP

Our Northern Mt. Kanigan Repeater VK4RGN is back on-air with the linking work completed on that end. It will soon be linked to our Southern Repeater at Mt. Boulder. Further work has been carried out at Mt. Boulder but some additional equipment still needs to be installed and set up.

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Club Dates

Wednesday Social Meetings 10am - 12 noon at the Clubrooms

Wednesday 25th September 2019 - Special General Meeting at 10:15am
Thursday October 10th 2019 - General Meeting (7pm start)
Thursday November 14th 2019 - Evening Social Meeting
Thursday December 12th 2019 - General Meeting (7pm start)

Note that Meetings are usually preceded by a social BBQ (or alternate meal or restaurant outing). Unless held at a restaurant, these meals are held at the Club commencing at about 6pm. Please check with the Secretary to confirm what's happening. There is NO General Meeting in January.

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Communications for Students - Glastonbury Camp 2018

Wednesday 22nd August again had our Club up at the Glastonbury camping ground to assist with communications for the orienteering activities held by Aldridge State High School. Twelve Club members participated this year and a huge thank you goes out to all that helped. A temporary 2/70 cross-band repeater was set up allowing for good comms throughout the area. More info at Comms

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Radio Club open for Rattler Arrival

GCEG Members welcomed the steam train back to town and with the Clubrooms open, visitors were invited to meet members and chat about Amateur Radio. Our new sign was on display - Thank you to Colin and Cath for organising the sign in time for the steam train celebrations.

Track work is still progressing and we will see the Rattler running passenger operations again in the next few weeks. Meanwhile, our Club is assisting with radio communications equipment installations at the station and in locomotives.

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A 4th Repeater for the Club

The Wide Bay Repeater Association has passed on the UHF Channel 2 CB repeater to the Gympie Communications & Electronics Group. The repeater is located at Gunalda and has good coverage in all directions. We will be maintaining this repeater from now on thus providing the community with a long range CB repeater to the north of Gympie town. Thanks to the Wide Bay Repeater Association for their good work in the past and for passing on the repeater to our group.

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Rattler Station Official Opening

Thanks to the members who opened the Club and stayed to look after things including demonstrating the old Railway Telegraph Display unit.

The day saw a lot of visitors in the morning with a steady decline throughout the day as the temperature warmed up. The steam train is set to start carrying passengers again during the Easter Holidays and the Club will be open for some of the train days.

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Congratulations Will

Congratulations to our member Will Bennett who has just passed his Standard licence test and been issued with a brand new call-sign. If you scroll down on this News Page, just a few entries, you will see that Will joined our Club fairly recently and very quickly gained his first Foundation Licence. Will has continued to study and work towards upgrading to the next level of Standard call-sign and in just a few months he has achieved his goal. Congratulations to Will with his new call-sign of VK4PBX.

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VK4GYM 2017 and another 1st Place at the John Moyle

The 2017 John Moyle Memorial Field Day Contest, held by our Club on Mt. Wolvi, brought us another certificate from the WIA contest manager.

This is the Club's third 1st Place certificate. We had some issues with our VHF/UHF radios and so as it turned out, that made it possible for us to slot into the 6 hour portable multi-operator, HF band, all mode operation category and shall we say, there was not too much competition... Still, we had fun and learnt a few more things which would help the Club if we ever had to operate in a portable situation during an emergency or disaster assistance situation.

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Gympie Northern Repeater On-Air

Today, on the 11th March 2017, a team of dedicated Gympie Club members worked tirelessly from early morning until late afternoon to install the new Northern Gympie 2m Repeater. Located on Mt. Kanigan, this repeater should give good coverage to the north of town and the shaded areas that the southern repeater has trouble with to the north and far east near Tin Can Bay. Reports are welcome. The frequency is 146.775 MHz, neg. offset and a 91.5 tone is required. Many, many thanks to the team - Lachlan VK4FLCM, Colin VK4FNIQ, Cath VK4FLCR, Geoff VK4ZGF, Rhonda VK4NRD and Roger VK4BNQ.

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New Member Will, On-Air soon

A big welcome and congratulations to Will Bennett. He joined the Club just a couple of weeks ago and purchased a copy of the Foundation Manual. He read it, studied it, asked several members for some advice etc. and on Sunday the 5th he sat for the exam and passed! We're looking forward to hearing Will on-air with his own call-sign very soon. The Gympie Club thanks Kathy VK4KJ and Ray VK4TPT from the MERG Club for coming down and conducting the exam.

This Thursday, the 9th of February is our first General Meeting for the year. We precede the meeting with a BBQ starting from 6pm onwards and the meeting is at 7:30pm. All are welcome.

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November General Meeting

The November General Meeting was held on Thursday the 10th with a good roll up of members. General business included a vote on the previously discussed IRLP system replacement. The PiRLP system received 0 votes and the embedded system received a total of 22 votes including 12 proxy votes. The new system will be ordered ASAP.

Also discussed was the Club obtaining an antenna analyser. Full details will be in the Club minutes. At the end of the meeting, the Secretary read a letter of resignation from former President Tony VK5WC/p4. The Club wishes to thank Tony for all the good work that he had done in the past couple of years for the Club and the Amateur Radio hobby. A call was made to all members present to see if anyone would like to accept to be appointed as the new President because the Club needs a President to function. Lachlan VK4FLCM stepped up and was appointed until the next AGM. Thank you Lachlan for taking on this important committee position.

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Meeting held on Thur 8th Sept 2016

The Club held its regular monthly General Meeting on Thursday 8th Sept, which was preceded by a nice BBQ.

Quite a good roll-up of members attended which also included visitor Peter VK2STO from the Lightening Ridge Mens' Shed Radio Club. Peter presented our Club with a plaque, thanking the group for assistance in the start up of their own radio club. A close-up pic of the plaque is in the Gallery

The Secretary situation was also resolved, with Neil VK4NHT being appointed as Secretary when he returns from his trip in a couple of weeks. Geoff VK4ZGF kindly agreed to continue until Neil can take over. Also the Club's Christmas party BBQ date was confirmed for Sunday 20th November, at Dale's QTH. Start time is usually from 11am onwards but check with Dale or the Secretary for any updates. BYO meat/salads/drinks.

The Group also decided to hold a general meeting every 2nd month with the alternate months being just a social meeting. More details will be posted here and on the meetings page when dates are confirmed.

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2016 AGM

The 2016 AGM was held and a disappointing number of members attended, but a quorum was achieved and the meeting proceeded.

Re-elected, unopposed were the President - Tony VK5WC and Treasurer - Rhonda VK4NRD. The Vice President Roger VK4BNQ retired and the position was not filled as the group decided to leave this position vacant which will help reduce the quorum number required for the general meetings. The Secretary position has not been filled, there were no nominations that were accepted by the nominees. The current Secretary, Geoff VK4ZGF kindly offered to continue until the next general meeting where a new Secretary will have to be appointed. Members should consider this position and put their hand up as without it, the Club can no longer maintain its legal incorporated status along with the many benefits this brings.

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VK4GYM Gains Another 1st Place at the John Moyle

The 2016 John Moyle Memorial Field Day Contest, despite being cut slightly short by an electrical storm, was well attended by members and last week the official certificate from the WIA was received.

The Club has received its second 1st Place certificate for the 6 hour portable multi-operator, all band, all mode operation and soon it will be hanging on the Club wall along with the other three certificates of first, second and third places. Thanks to all who helped out and had fun up on Mt. Wolvi, the Club's usual spot for the activity.

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2016 John Moyle Memorial Field Day

This year's John Moyle Memorial Field Day Competition was held once again atop Mt. Wolvi and our Club had a particularly well equipped setup. Thanks to all who attended. The final score will no doubt be excellent despite the antennas having to be disconnected about 90 mins before the end of the selected 6 hour time frame due to the approaching thunderstorm. More pics in the Gallery

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Electrical Storms - Repeater Status

The Gympie Repeaters survived the Friday evening storms that even took out commercial television for the Noosa area but unfortunately Mt. Boulder must have been hit very severely on Saturday 30th Jan causing the shutdown of our main 2m repeater.

UPDATE 16/2/16: A crew again went to the repeater site on Tuesday 16th Feb. The good news for the Club is that the solar panels did survive, although they have some strange patterning through them, looks like some of the fine tracks are burnt but we were able to repair faults in both feed circuits and the repeater is now back on-air with all systems including the telemetry and APRS beacon working OK. The batteries are floating nicely on 13.8V during the day with sun and appear to be OK.

The 70cm Repeater at the Club is working OK while AC power is available.

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2015 Club Christmas BBQ Party

Our annual Christmas party was held this year at the Glastonbury residence of Dale VK4FZZW, those who attended had a great time and very much enjoyed the venue. More photos in the current Club Newsletter which can be found on the Newsletters page.

Thanks to Dale and Colin for hosting the party in such a lovely setting which everyone really enjoyed.

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GCEG Helps Lightening Ridge AR Club

Lightening Ridge visitors Chuck VK2FCEP and Peter VK2STO travelled to the recent SCARC SunFest and then up to visit our Clubrooms at Gympie. After visiting GCEG a BBQ was put on by Tony VK5WC & XYL Carol at the Woodworks Museum where GCEG Secretary Geoff VK4ZGF presented them with a donated 2m Repeater.

GCEG had earlier helped the Lightening Ridge Men's Shed to establish their own Amateur Radio Club by providing Foundation Licence training, technical assistance and a HF Transceiver. The Group is waiting on the WIA to assist with their new repeater call-sign and frequency allocations.

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Communications Assistance

Monday 24th August had our Group up at the Glastonbury camping ground to assist with communications for the orienteering activities held by Aldridge State High School. About ten Club members participated including Noel VK4NL who had travelled up from the Sunshine Coast to help out. A temporary 2/70 crossband repeater was set up allowing for perfect comms throughout the area. The event was deemed a success and the school officials and students thanked GCEG indicating that we would be invited back again next year. More at Comms

Thursday 10th September was the first Club general meeting run by the new committee and everything went very well. The President, in his report, thanked the previous committee for their work. Projects and other matters were discussed, one of them being the setting of a start date for the component tester kit construction sessions. The first will begin at 2pm on Saturday 26th Sept. It will not be the only day, so if you cannot make it for that day, come to the next. Please see Club dates below for other upcoming events.

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New Committee Elected

On Thursday evening, August 13th 2015, the Club held its AGM and new office bearers were elected. Congratulations to our new President Tony VK5WC, our new Secretary Geoff VK4ZGF, and our new Treasurer Rhonda VK4FRDB. Roger VK4BNQ has stayed on and taken the position of Vice President.

Thank you to the previous committee who had been in their positions for the last 2 years. More at Contact Us

Remember to check the Club Diary Dates here on the News so that you don't miss out on anything important.

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Pre-Meeting Dinner BBQ

We now have our Pre-Meeting Dinner BBQ on the platform at our Clubroom commencing at around 5:30pm. The first BBQ we had in April was a success and so we're making this a regular event. The General Meetings still start at 7:30pm.

BYO anything special you’d like to eat or drink, such as a salad etc. If the weather is damp, we can move under the platform roofing but if very wet or stormy, it may be cancelled - please check via phone or radio.

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Changes at the Station

By now most of you have perhaps heard that the Rattler doors have closed in an effort to push the Government along to release the promised money for the track and rollingstock rebuild.

At this stage it does not affect our Club and we continue to use the Clubroom we built at the Rattler Station. The Iron Horse Cafe will close shortly and so we will not be able to have our pre-meeting meal there. The GCEG Inc. Committee is contacting the RRC and then meeting to determine plans and security for the future. The Secretary will keep members informed by sending out an email prior to the next General Meeting on April 9th to let everyone know if and where we will have the pre-meeting dinner.

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Ready For the John Moyle Memorial Field Day Contest

The weekend of the 21st and 22nd of March is the annual John Moyle Field Day Contest. This year our Club will again operate portable from Mt. Wolvi. Setup will be from 8am onwards and a few will camp the night although we will only enter the 6 hour category. Everyone is welcome to come along to see what our Club does. This is a competition but it's also a social event. This year we are respectfully calling it the John Moyle - Erik Sundstrup Memorial Field Day. RIP our much loved member, Erik VK4AES-SK.

Other dates to note for March and April are:
Sun Mar 29th - Bunnings Fundraiser Sausage Sizzle
Thur April 9th - General Meeting at the Clubhouse.

Note that general meetings are preceded by a social dinner commencing at 6pm at the Iron Horse Cafe at the Old Gympie Railway Station.

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40 Members... and counting!

At the coming general meeting on Thursday evening, March 12th, we will officially welcome another 3 new members to the Club. This is great news and space is really becoming our only problem, with some arguing that the word "becoming" is already a bit of an understatement. Nevertheless, we are coping.

We welcome Lachlan Morrison, Tony Brinkhoff and Neil Turner to the Club, thank you all for your support and we hope you enjoy the CGEG Inc. Radio & Electronics Club.

On Saturday March 7th a few members got together at the Club and under VK4BNQ's supervision, Rhonda serviced all the pots and switches in her Kenwood HF radio and Isaac worked on getting the D-Star HotSpot running.

The new Gympie D-Star HotSpot is now on-air in testing phase on 145.150 MHz. This has been set up by Greg VK4VBU with Isaac VK4FIBN assisting - thanks guys, more info about it all at the meeting!

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Club Christmas BBQ

Sunday the 14th of December and members gathered at the usual outdoor BBQ setting at the Woodworks Museum. Thanks to Tony and Carol for helping to organise this. Members including Alan VK4EAB and xyl Enid were present and everyone enjoyed Graham's fine sausage sizzle cooking and all the extras that people brought along.

There will be no general meeting in January but the Wednesday mornings will continue throughout the festive period. The next Club evening general meeting will be on Thursday 12th February at 7:30pm but to be preceded by the usual pre-meeting dinner at the Iron Horse Cafe, starting at 5:45pm.
Merry Christmas to all and best wishes for those on the sick list.
Have a Safe & Happy New Year.

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Welcome New Members

A very warm welcome to Rhonda, Nicholas, Dale, Maurie VK4YEN and Fred - 5 new members that joined our Club in October and early November. All except Maurie will be studying with Tony VK5WC/p4 towards their Foundation Licence.

We hope to hear them all on-air very soon.

A reminder to all members and visitors that we enjoy a good dinner prior to the monthly general meetings at the Iron Horse Cafe at the Old Gympie Railway Station. This occurs on the 2nd Thursday of each month, with the dinner kicking off at 5:45pm. Please note the Cafe is now BYO.

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New F-Calls - as in Family!

It's probably a record, at least in Queensland, that the entire Naidoo family of five now have passed their Foundation Licence exams. The Gympie Communications & Electronics Club members have done us proud to have gained their licences in such a short time. Congrats also to our Training Officer Tony VK5WC who is doing great work helping new members gain their tickets. (photo - Tanya VK4FHOT)

We welcome and invite Navin, Sandra, Alex, Rhys and Dylan to join us on the air-waves. Congrats also to our latest new F-Call members - Pamela VK4FPAM and Ian VK4FIRL. Welcome to new member Malcolm, VK2FITH/p4.

The 2m Net roster has been updated and 2 more members have put up their hands to help out running the Monday evening net.

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New Call-Signs & Upcoming Dates

The GCEG Inc. Annual General Meeting was held at the Clubrooms on Thursday 7th August, 2014. As there were no other nominations, the members of the current committee were asked if they would stand again and all accepted to keep their positions for one more year. There will be a change of office bearers at the next AGM.

Wednesday morning get-togethers continue and are very popular with a good turn up of members and the occasional visitor. In the picture, Leif VK4LES is demonstrating his portable radio gear in an on-air contact with our oldest Club member Norm VK4CNP.

Congrats to the newest calls: Pamela VK4FPAM, Ian VK4FIRL and Navin VK4F??? (any second now...) for passing your exams and gaining your first amateur call-signs. Let's hear you on-air soon!!

Diary Dates:

Next General Meeting - Thur 9th Oct, 2014
Sausage Sizzle Fundraiser Mitre 10 - Sat 11th Oct,2014
JOTA Weekend (info Tony VK5WC) - Sat 18th - Sun 19th Oct, 2014
Sausage Sizzle Fundraiser Bunnings - Sat 25th Oct, 2014
Sausage Sizzle Fundraiser Bunnings - Sat 8th Nov, 2014

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Welcome New Member VK4ZGF
& Upcoming Dates

The AGM date for 2014 has had to be moved to the 7th of August, 7:30pm at the Clubhouse. This is one week earlier than originally planned. Membership Fees are now due, please go to the Renewal page to pay. Thank you for your continued support which helps keep the Club running including our Repeater systems and ACMA licenses.

Both of the June sausage sizzles at Mitre 10 went very well with everything being sold out on Saturday the 28th. Thanks to all members who helped out.

The Club still has for sale a couple of used working flat-screen monitors ($20) and a computer at just $50. Contact the Secretary for more info.

We also welcome new member Geoff VK4ZGF to the group. Great to have another technically experienced member aboard.

The next Saturday arvo Electronics day is on Saturday August 16th, followed by the Twilight Markets on the same evening. The Club remains open for the Markets with a few bargains being offered for sale.

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GCEG awarded 1st Place in category of JMFD Contest

This year's John Moyle Memorial Field Day Contest, again had our members up at our favourite spot on Mt. Wolvi. The contest has many categories and we entered and achieved first place in the Portable, 6 Hour, Multi Operator, All Mode, All Band category. Well done and congratulations to all members involved in the event.

The next Club meeting is on Thursday June 12th at 7:30pm and will be preceded by a dinner at the café from about 5:50pm. All welcome!

The next Saturday Electronics afternoon will be on June 21st. This will be followed by the Rattler Twilight Markets. The Club will be open from around 3pm and we usually have a table of bargains for sale set up at the Clubhouse from about 5pm.

Members please note, the next fund-raiser sausage sizzle is on Saturday 14th June at Mitre 10. Please contact Graham or Barry if you can assist.

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Four Club members pass their F-call licence exams

Well the 13th may be unlucky for some, but not for four Gympie Club members who sat and passed their F-call exams on Sunday the 13th of April. Congratulations to Sandra, Alex, Rhys and Dylan. The four would have been five but for the fact that Navin Naidoo was working and not able to be at the exams. He will no doubt follow the rest of his family very shortly.

Thanks must go to their tutor Tony VK5WC (left in the pic) for taking the relatively new members through to gaining their tickets so quickly. We hope to hear them active on-air soon.

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Monthly meetings begin at the Iron Horse Café

Thursday the 10th of April and it was time for another monthly general meeting. As our location has its own terrific Café only metres from the clubhouse, we decided to try meeting at the Iron Horse Café run by Bianca. We kicked off just before 6pm and 11 of us enjoyed great food at very reasonable prices. We all enjoyed it and decided to do this every month.

The Club will be setting up a portable station at the Easter Scouting event KiWi Woggle at the Showgrounds. For more info or if you can assist, please contact Tony VK5WC/p4.

The next Electronics Saturday afternoon will be on the 19th of April followed by the Rattler Twilight Markets. We'll be at the Club from about 3pm onwards.

The next Club meeting is on Thursday May 8th at 7:30pm and will be preceded by a dinner at the café from about 5:50pm.

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Welcome new members & John Moyle Memorial Field Day

The March general meeting was held on Thursday evening and the Club formally accepted and welcomed new members Pamela and Kerry VK4MZ. Great to have you aboard and thank you for supporting your local Radio Club.

Saturday 15th March brought us the annual John Moyle Memorial Field Day Contest and the Club once again set up on top of Mt. Wolvi, competing in the 6 hr multi operator class.

The next general meeting will be on Thursday 10th April at 7:30pm and the regular Wednesday morning social get-togethers continue at around 10am. All members and visitors are welcome to attend all events.

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ARISS Contact Delayed & John Moyle Field Day

Unfortunately we've just been informed that due to a higher workload imposed on the ISS crew from NASA, they have had to drop about 30 ARISS contacts. Ours was one of them. We will be trying for a contact later in the year which will involve GCEG Inc. running the event for the 3 local scouting groups. Stay tuned for updates.

The annual John Moyle Memorial Field Day Contest will be held over the weekend of March 15th & 16th. Our Club will be setting up for the 6 hour class on Mt. Wolvi unless the weather is really bad. Please contact the secretary if you need more information or wish to attend. As this is the same weekend as the Rattler Twilight Markets, the Clubrooms will not be open for the Markets but there will be a few of us at the Club working on electronics a week earlier on Saturday 8th March from about 3pm onwards.

The next Club general meeting is on Thursday 13th of March.

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ARISS Space Contact

In preparation for our own connection with the International Space Station (ISS) over the Easter period, Greg VK4VBU recorded a recent ARISS contact with the Australian Air League - South Australia Wing

Click on the link to play the MP3 file: ARISS QSO 21-2-2014

GCEG will participate at the Easter Scouting Event - KiWi Woggle, where our Club will have a working Amateur Radio Station setup including a scheduled contact with the NASA International Space Station. Project manager is Tony VK5WC/p4.

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Feb - Mar 2014

February 13 saw us have our first general meeting for 2014. Once again well attended and with the new projector screen location getting the approval, work is in progress to mount the projector from the ceiling etc. Thanks to Bob VK4MR and Owen VK4FAAQ for their work on this. The Club is in good shape and no major issues are worrying us - the minutes will be soon published for members to check through.

We continue with the 3rd Saturday of the month opening to do some radio/electronic work to be followed by the Rattler markets. The markets are a bit quiet now but we always sell a few little items to make it worthwhile. Note that we have a couple of old computers for sale, if you are interested, please contact secretary@gceginc.org.au

The Club wishes all our members that are not currently in perfect health all the very best and we hope that you'll all be OK again soon to join in at the Clubhouse meetings and events.

We also extend a warm welcome to Pamela who recently joined our Club and will be working towards her F-call.

The next Club meeting is on Thursday March 13th and that will be followed by the John Moyle Memorial Field Day weekend. Weather permitting, we'll be operating from our usual spot at the lookout on Mt. Wolvi. As that weekend falls on the same weekend as the next Twilight Markets, we probably wont be open for those unless Bad WX "Plan B" comes into operation... Keep an eye on this website and an ear on our 2m repeater.

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Santa at the Radio Club & upcoming dates

The Rattler Santa Shuttles ran this season and our Club found a Santa to decorate our wall with. Naturally, he was issued with a HT to look the part. The shuttles ran northwards to the Gympie Yard stop limit.

The December meeting was again well attended with 13 members present. The Christmas BBQ lunch was also a good day followed by the Twilight market effort.

There will be no meeting in January but the Wednesday mornings will go ahead except perhaps Christmas day and New Year’s Day which both fall on a Wednesday. The Monday evening Radio Nets will continue. The next general meeting is set for Thursday, February 13th.

The Club will open early afternoon on the Rattler Twilight Market Saturdays for an Electronics/Radio Project building and/or maintenance arvo. These afternoons will be a regular event through 2014 on the 3rd Saturday of each month. The first one is on Saturday 18th January. Contact the Secretary for further details.

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Club Meetings

15 members were present including one via VPN link at the November meeting! Seats were hard to find and space tight. Great to see a good role up but maybe we'll need to start planning for a bigger Clubhouse... HI.

The next Club meeting will be on Thursday 12th December, 7:30pm. The Club is also open every Wednesday morning from 10am to noon. The next Twilight Market is on Saturday 14th Dec, 5pm. The Club Christmas Party BBQ Lunch is on Saturday Dec 14th, 11am at the Woodworks Museum park.

The 2m Mt. Boulder Repeater APRS reporting unit is currently being serviced. A new TRX is being fitted and may occasionally be showing up running on test. It is due to be returned to the mountain before Christmas.

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Gympie Repeater Update & Upcoming Club Dates

Due to occasional but continuing commercial interference, the Club has discussed and decided to trial a 91.5 Hz sub tone on the repeater's receiver. This is the same frequency as the Sunshine Coast uses as well as many other ham repeaters thus making it easy for older set owners who have already added a fixed tone module or modification. The repeater was reprogrammed on Tuesday 5th November 2013. Please report any issues to the Secretary.

The next Club meeting will be on Thursday 14th November, 7:30pm. The Club is also open every Wednesday morning from 10am to noon. The next Twilight Market is on Saturday 16th Nov, 5pm.

The Club Christmas Party BBQ Lunch is on Saturday Dec 14th, 11am at the Woodworks Museum park.

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Alan VK4EAB visits new clubrooms

It was great to see Alan VK4EAB finally getting along to the new clubrooms at the Railway Station. Thanks to Bob VK4MR for looking after Alan and transporting him safely from and back to the nursing home.

Alan enjoyed a chat, a test run on the cw paddle and a cuppa and then we had one more surprise for him - He was presented with a certificate of Life Membership of the Radio Club. Congratulations to Alan.

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Next Twilight Markets & News

The next Twilight Markets are on Saturday 21st September and the time is back to 6pm. The Clubrooms will be open from about 4pm onwards and everyone is welcome to have a look through and meet some of the members. Any members that can assist, please let Roger know you'll be attending. If we have at least 3 members present, we will set up a market table with some good bargains for sale.

The final sausage sizzle for 2013 was held at Mitre 10 on Saturday 31st August. The fund-raising effort was very successful with all stock sold. Thank you to all who attended and helped.

A date & location for the Club Christmas Party was decided at the last meeting. It was decided to hold the Christmas Party in the park next to the Woodworks Museum - same location as last year. The date is Saturday 14th December at 11am - mark it in your diary now!

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70cm Repeater Alignment

After the move to the Clubhouse, the repeater needed a little tweek to bring everything onto frequency. Paul VK4YPM and Roger VK4BNQ performed an alignment on both receive and transmit frequencies and checked sensitivity and power out, which was good at 20W.

The next Club meeting will be on Thursday 9th May at 7:30pm, all welcome. If you can help with the Mitre 10 sausage sizzle on Saturday 4th, please contact Barry.

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Library, New Members & 70cm Repeater

Last week Ed, Graham and Bob were joined by John VK4FXLO and they moved the entire Club library into the Clubroom from John's place. Thanks to John for putting the library together. There are a few pics in the Photo Gallery.

We welcome two new members to the Gympie Club this week - Welcome to Chris VK4BX and Bill VK4AYM, great to have you aboard.

The 70cm repeater antenna was mounted on the Club's new building mast today by Bob VK4MR, Barry VK4KKN and Roger VK4BNQ. They also mounted the grid-pack dish antenna which will bring in the Internet for the Club. In the later afternoon Roger moved the 70cm repeater to the rack in the Clubroom and it is now on-air from there.

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Gympie Floods

At Wed 27th Feb morning most roads in and out of town are flooded and all major bridges are closed. The Mary River peaked overnight at 18.44m.

Members of GCEG are monitoring our VHF 2m repeater on Mt. Boulder. Please check the Flood Info page for good links and general Gympie flood information.

Our next Club meeting will be on Thursday 14th March at 7:30pm. Work and social get togethers continue on Wednesday mornings. Thanks also to Ted at Cooloola Tiles for a donation of tiles for our kitchen sink area.

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Clubroom Work

Work continues on the building repair of the new GCEGinc Clubroom at Old Gympie Railway Station. The ceiling required extensive repairs. Thanks must go especially to Owen, Graham, Bob and all the helpers. Wood for the wall bearers has been cut and is being installed. Soon we can pour the new concrete floor. After a coat of paint to everything, we are about ready to use the building and can begin building the radio console and workbench. Check the Photo Gallery for new pictures.

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GCEG members meet with Rattler GM Jim Walker

Today a group of Club members including, Ed VK4ABX, Barry VK4KKN, Bob VK4MR, Roger VK4BNQ and Owen VK4FAAQ met with Rattler General Manager Jim Walker to finalise our agreement to take occupation of our selected building at the Old Gympie Railway Station, being for our use as the GCEGinc. Club room. The first working bee which will be a clean out session will commence at 10am on Wednesday 29th August. The plan is then to start the repair work and continue every Wednesday but with ample "smoko" time to also enjoy a cuppa and a chat as has become the tradition on Wednesdays. More updates as we progress.

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The Club also produces a quarterly newsletter which can be found on the Newsletter page.


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