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The Gympie Allstar VK4GYM-R Nodes are:
40973 - VK4RCM 2m Repeater Mt. Boulder
41171 - VK4RGY 70cm Repeater Gympie Town. (future)

The Gympie AllStar Node has been shut down from 4th April 2018 for a period of time while we complete some maintenance on our rack systems and also evaluate the current status of the AllStar system, and its actual usefulness. It is somewhat disappointing that the project stalled after initial development. Unlike the EchoLink mode, AllStar still doesn't have a mobile phone App and the somewhat troublesome Java Web Transceiver has also not been addressed but instead we are told that they know it's Java and it doesn't work etc. So much good work went into the system and as all Sys Ops know, it's not a 5 minute job to set up a node so it's sad that the project has stalled. We will leave all hardware connected as we upgrade the rack but it will remain offline for the time being.

With its superior linking capabilities and high audio quality, the AllStar system is gaining popularity. It is based on the Asterisk telephone switching program which in our case, runs on Linux ACID Centos. The only negative about the system is that the developers have not yet created a phone app like is available for EchoLink.

AllStar is similar but different to IRLP and EchoLink. All DTMF codes are prefixed with a star (*). Once you are registered on the AllStar Link System, you can use a browser based Web Transceiver to connect to nodes all over the world, including our Gympie Nodes.

The Gympie system is up and running on our 2m repeater and
the 2nd node for the 70cm repeater will one day be built so they can be linked together as required.

AllStar Link
Visit www.allstarlink.org for more info and to register your call-sign.
Current Status & Connections

Advice for using the AllStar System

Most of the rules from the IRLP system can and should be applied to the AllStar system as well.

1. ALWAYS LISTEN on the repeater first to make sure a QSO is not in progress.

2. IDENTIFY YOURSELF before sending DTMF codes.

3. LEAVE A 2-3 SECOND PAUSE BETWEEN OVERS to allow the remote nodes to unkey and thus reset the timeouts on the remote repeaters, and to allow other users to call in. Even if you are talking to another local amateur, if a link is active, leave longer than normal pauses.

This REALLY annoys people on the other end, and is a very good way to get yourself a BAD reputation.
If you have no intention of calling anyone, don't establish a connect link (*3) but rather try a monitor link (*2).

5. USE PHONETICS when giving your callsign and name over the link.
The AllStar system is an International network, and some overseas stations are not used to understanding us "Aussies". You will appreciate the need for using phonetics after a few contacts with overseas stations.

6. LEAVE 2-3 SECOND PAUSES BETWEEN OVERS. This is CRUCIAL to the smooth operation of the AllStar network, especially if several networks are linked together.

7. LEAVE PAUSES. See - its important!

AllStar DTMF Commands (for the Gympie Nodes)

*3 and the node number is used to connect an AllStar link.

*1 and the node number is used to disconnect an AllStar node number.

*7 or *71 is used to disconnect all AllStar links.

Because AllStar nodes can connect at any time and there isn't a limit of one connection
like on the Echo-IRLP system, it is not essential to disconnect a node unless there
is unwanted traffic from the other end.

Other AllStar DTMF Codes on our 2m Repeater system:

AllStar Node Status
Ident VK4GYM (cw)
AP RPT Version
Connect to Florida USA Node 41266
Connect to Melbourne Florida #2 Node 46469
Connect to Florida #3 Node 27034
Connect to UK Node 40864
  Connect to UK Node 29775
  Disconnect ONLY our 70cm Repeater (future)
  Connect to our 70cm Repeater (future)



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