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Gympie Communications & Electronics Group Inc.
Gympie Communications & Electronics Group Incorporated - Amateur Radio In Action!

Gympie D-Star HotSpot = VK4GYM-C

Our HotSpot is operational on 145.150 MHz.

The system uses the same antenna as the 70cm repeater and is located at the Clubhouse in Gympie. It is generally connected into the DCS028Q Reflector.

D-Star logo

Visit www.dstarinfo.com for more D-Star info.

Current DCS028Q User Status

DCS028Q User status http://dcs028.xreflector.net/dcs_userstatus.htm

DCS028 Repeater status http://dcs028.xreflector.net/dcs_rptstatus.htm

Australian D-Star info & Reflectors www.dstar.org.au/about/reflectors

World REF Reflectors www.dstarinfo.com/reflectors.aspx

World DCS Reflectors www.xreflector.net/neu3

World X Reflector Directory www.xrefl.net

IRC Gateway Status (world) www.status.ircddb.net

Status www.dstar.org.au/dashboard.htm for Australian D-Star Repeater Dashboard

Additional Notes:
DTMF command syntax is a leading
* for REF reflectors,
# for XRF reflectors, and
D for DCS reflectors.

Common DTMF commands

Disconnect = #
Status = 0
Disconnect CCS call routing = A
Reconnect to default connection = **

More at www.dstar101.com/DTMF_klx.html

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